Upcoming events

Dates for your Diary

30 Jan-3 Feb Tormead Placement at GCS – Mia Morlang and Sarah Smedley are returning to complete the second part of their training with the Science Department

30.1.17 P1 Learning Walk with JDL

31.1.17 P2 Blink with JD

31.1.17 Exhibition Lesson P5 Yr 11 Music with CG C1
31.1.17 SCITT Assessor from Educate P1 and P2

31.1.17 Learning Team Meeting 3.45pm

1.2.17 Blink P5 AMB

1.2.17 P2 Exhibition Lesson with JD Yr 10 A35 Promoting Whole Class Discussion

2.2.17 P3 Blink JD
2.2.17 MA in Education presentation with Mary Mihovilovic – St Mary’s University 1.15 in A32

2.2.17 Learning Walk P1 with LN

2.2.17 ITT 3.45 Behaviour Management Strategies Part II with JT in C8

2.2.17 MOT Morning 7.45 in A43

2.2.17 LP Meeting 8.00

27.2 Blink P4 CG

28.2 Blink P2 AMB

28.2 Twilight CPD Flipped Learning with Lucy Bush in A32

2.3 Learning Walk P2 with JDL

2.3 ITT Teaching Sixth Form Students with AMB in C8

6.3.17 P2 Exhibition Lesson with LN Year 10 A43 Challenging thinking

7.3.17 Twilight CPD Differentiated homework – reaching every learner with SDL A32, Meaningful feedback to enhance learning and improve student achievement with JD A33, Literacy across the school with SB A34, NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH sharing session

8.3.17 GAS Learning Walk P1-P4

9.3.17 NQT+1 with ABR in A33

10.3.17 P3 Blink with JDL

18.5 ITT 3.45 C8 with ABR What does mastery look like?

18.5 NQT+1 Lunchtime C8

27th June – Short sharp look at Challenging all students at different points. Please bring along with you your most successful strategy that challenges students to think harder!