Learning Team Panel

The Learning Team

The Learning Team is a panel made up of Lead Practitioners and experienced teachers who work alongside HoD, LMT and the Learning & Teaching Student Team to drive forward the quality of Learning and Teaching across the school. The team meet half termly and contribute to the planning and provision of CPD opportunities and to ensure that our L&T themes are embedded in every day practice. They track effective CPD performance and offer mentoring and coaching to teachers who would benefit from targeted support.

Panel members

Name Role
Armanda Baker Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Antonella Bosco-Reid Assistant Headteacher
Jennie Dale Lead Practitioner in Music
Jane Doar Lead Practitioner in English
James Felgate Head of PE
Caroline Gale Director of Music, Head of Creative Arts
Louise Needham Lead Practitioner in Maths
Rebekah Smith Head of Art
Jane White Teacher of English


Armanda Baker

To ensure that Sixth Form students develop in to good independent learners and are equipped with the necessary strategies to help them succeed in the new style A-Levels
Caroline Gale


Jennie Dale


My learning focus is engagement.  I will look at how GCS can ensure that all students are engaged through the use of hooks and loop learning.  This will focus on planning for engagement and the development of resources through CPD sessions and collaborative learning

Jane Doar


I’ve been teaching for over 20 years working in a variety of schools before being lucky enough to be appointed Head of English at County some 15 years ago. I recently took the leap of faith into the role of Lead Practitioner to share my passion with teaching and learning with a wider group of teachers. I have been involved in CPD delivery for many years and I am excited about the opportunities that the Learning Team will provide. I am especially interested in developing the independent, curious learner which sees the students encouraged to seek out answers to their own questions about a topic and to foster an attitude of resilience enabling them to learn to embrace rather than fear challenge. I am currently working on a project with Northmead School on transition work for their Year 6 students.

Louise Needham


I enjoy examining questioning, thinking how it can be used to promote a curiosity and responsibility of learning to the learners. I am happy to support any teacher who wants to move their teaching to the next level. I am an avid reader and love reading research as to the validity of different aspects of L&T. I like supporting people when they take a risk and actively encourage the process and reflection afterwards. If anyone would like to discuss any of these aspects please do find me in A43.

Jane White


I teach English because I love the subject: reading, writing, talking (much of the last).  I am continually awed, teaching at GCS, by those who also teach subjects they love but in all kinds of inspiring and engaging ways that are different to how I ‘do it’.  My raison d’être for being in the Learning Team is to actively encourage everyone to share their ‘good bits’ so that we continue to grow as effective teachers, learning ourselves from those who have already invented that bit of the wheel in a different subject or lesson.  I also firmly believe that we are a Whole School Team and we need everyone, including Kitchen, Finance, IT, Office, Premises and all the Support Staff to feel that they are actively included in our community of sharing what works well for the most positive growth for the young people in our care.

Rebekah Smith


As an artist, I naturally have an interest in aesthetics and have a strong belief that environment is crucial to learning, not only to model, inspire and celebrate, but as a tool for differentiation and as a means of promoting independence, self-reliance and problem-solving. Highlighted for development following a recent quality of standards review, ‘learning environment’ is an area of particular interest to me and my aim this year as part of the Learning team, is to do further exploration in this area for the benefit of the wider school.

James Felgate


My learning and teaching focus is on  Digital Technology and the striking impact this can have in the classroom. I am a huge believer in the positive effect that tablets, phones, web based tools and cloud based software can have on staff and students. My project this year involves making these innovative techniques more readily available and used in the classroom and around the school, in order to have a positive impact on learning and teaching.

 During the academic year 2016-17 the Learning Team will:

  • Design an Action Plan setting out priorities and outcomes for 2016-17;
  • Attend half termly meetings and fortnightly weekly lunch;
  • Work on a Personal foci/Action research project – Challenge, Learning Environment, Low attaining students, Home Learning are just some examples;
  • Each member of the team to carry out two Blinks per half term. One Blink = 4 x 15 min drop ins;
  • Undertake QoS and formal lesson observations;
  • Track teacher performance to inform effective CPD;
  • Identify teachers of concern and ISP;
  • Link up with other schools. Research and report back;
  • Carry out a Learning Walk once every half term followed by a ‘pop-up’ to all teaching staff;
  • Deliver an Exhibition Lesson once every half term;
  • Attend and contribute to monthly MOT mornings on rotation;
  • Compile a termly report for LMT.