Learning and Teaching student panel

The Learning & Teaching Student Team

 The L&T student team is made up of two students from each year group. Their primary role is to share with teachers students’ views on learning and teaching so as to enable teachers to have a better understanding of students’ needs and further improve the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom.

Panel members

Name Tutor Group
Esther Harrington 8W
Ollie Bennett 8W
Rachel Doran 9W
James Bennett 9W
Reife Roberts 10Y
William Ho 10W
Helena Neil-Smith 11H
Luca Crosta 11S
Alexia Priestley 12H
Sam Lucas 12L
Izzy Flynn 13CS
Lucas Joel 13CS



Hello, my name is Esther Harrington and I am the Year 8 girls’ representative for the Learning and Teaching Panel. I really enjoy being on the team because I can help make our school a better place and help the teachers understand the students’ needs for effective learning. I love learning and getting stuck in with all the extra-curricular activities at our school.  People tell me I always have a smile on my face, am very approachable and always willing to help out. I am quite happy talking with people that I have not met before. I enjoy playing the trombone and piano as well as doing a lot of sport, especially netball.

Hi, I’m James Bennett. I am on the Learning and Teaching Panel as I enjoy taking part in discussions and I like to represent the school at it’s best, this includes showing the school to the School Governors and speaking to Ofsted. I also enjoy taking part in many school events from House Drama to House Athletics . In my free time I do the Park Run at Stoke Park , I also enjoy sprinting, photography, cycling and kayaking. I am currently involved in the Year 9 Mock court case and Boys Choir.

Hello, I’m Ellora and I’m in year 12. I’m studying History, Government and Politics, English Language and Psychology. Please don’t ask me which I plan on dropping, I want to keep them all. I’ve worked on a few projects with Mrs Bosco Reid that you may have seen before, such as making a video on Student Led Learning and getting feedback from students regarding how challenged they feel in school. Please do email me or stop me in the corridors if you need anything done. Also, if you need any advice on who would be good to talk to regarding different topics I’m happy to help – chances are I’ve pestered them in the past!