Learning at GCS


Learning and Teaching is why we exist as a school. The aim of learning and teaching is to instil a sense of challenge, enjoyment and passion for learning that will equip our students to achieve their potential and raise their expectations as to what they believe they can achieve. Teachers who do this have a passion for their subject, make it interesting and lively and, very importantly, build positive relationships with their students. During lessons students flourish in an atmosphere which is safe, supportive, calm and positive. Well-prepared, stimulating lessons generate good behaviour and earn respect. This must be our aspiration.

County Dozen – Progress for All

In order to deliver outstanding learning and teaching we follow The County Dozen. We have agreed elements of outstanding learning that, irrespective of the subject, age or ability range should be present in every lesson. Learning has to be student focused in order to be effective. These are the 12 key expectations for every lesson to ensure progress for all.

At Guildford County these 12 core elements are essential. These are located within the inner red circle. From this, other critical elements for successful learning can be applied and outstanding learning will take place (the outer circle).  It is through the delivery of the County Dozen that we can work towards delivering our shared aim of individual excellence in a caring community.

Planning for stretch, Home Learning and Hook & Engage will be our focus as a school this year. Our change of nomenclature from ‘teaching and learning’ to ‘learning and teaching’ stresses that it is the progress of the students and the work they undertake that should be the focus of our efforts, rather than the exploits of the teacher.