Socrative is brilliant

Socrative: The web-based app which allows for instant feedback so teachers can assess how their students are doing. It is quick and simple to use, it allows for thinking time for students (Kahoot doesn’t do this) and has been found to be a good revision tool in the PE department. Within PE we have a shared document that shows all the Socrative quizzes that have been created  and this is shared with all teachers. The sharing codes are entered so teachers can use other people’s ideas without having to recreate the wheel. Pupils are able to download the teacher app so they can also make quizzes (the good ones we then save!) which has proved an effective revision tool.
Socrative has also proved useful in mock exam analysis – pupils put the scores for each question into a Socrative quiz, then allowing teachers to establish what sections of the syllabus they need to revise with different classes.